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mack and connie mack. meanwhile "cnn newsroom" with carol costello begins right now. happening now in "the newsroom." >> don't like this. >> meteor shower breaking overnight, amazing pictures out of russia. hundreds are injured as fragments of the meteor slam into earth. plus -- >> it was kind of crazy. >> tired but ready to get on a bus and go get a shower, be in a place where the toilet flushes. >> i just really want a bed. >> reporter: sweet home alabama, back on land, the cruise from hell finally over for thousands of weary vacationers. also, charged. prosecutors arguing the so-called blade runner olympian committed pre-meditated murder, reportedly shooting his girlfriend four times through a bathroom door. plus this. >> don't you just love it? >> love what? >> tiffany's. >> reporter: it's "breakfast at
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tiffa tiffany's" not breakfast at costco. the discount warehouse known for gallons of mayo and bulk packs of underwear selling what they say are tiffany rings. the people behind that little blue box calling costco out this morning. "newsroom" starts now. good morning, thank you so much for joining me. i'm carol costello. we begin with the shock and awe of a meteor shower, raining down on southern russia, nearly 1,000 people now reportedly injured. millions mesmerized by the incredible images now streaming in. watch as that fireball grows bigger and bigger as it races across the daytime sky and erupts into this blinding flash of light but it would take several seconds for the sound to catch up. >> like this -- [ speaking in foreign language ] >> unbelievable. witnesses say there were three
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separate explosions that ripped across the region and jolted buildings with a sudden and frightening violence. keep in mind no reports of anything actually hitting the ground. this damage is just from the shock wave from the meteor as it burned into the earth's atmosphere. this factory, a wall collapsed, the roof caved in, one of nearly 300 buildings damaged, including schools and hospitals across at least six towns, thousands and thousands of windows shattered, and the number of injured could very well climb. here's what we now know about this meteor. it weighed about ten tons when it slammed into the earth's atmosphere. it was screaming at about 33,000 miles per hour, and for all that widespread damage it was only about the size of a big kitchen table. cnn's bill black is in moscow. wow. what's the government's response to this, phil? >> reporter: well, the government has been responding to this, they have a team of tens of thousands of people there on the ground helping with
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the cleanup, urging people to stay calm, say there is no threat and some initial concern because there is a cluster of facilities in the area but none of them were damaged. there is no change to russian ambient radiation at even that area. they've been trying to help the people that have been hurt and a lot of different numbers have been coming to us from different russian agencies over the course of the day and a number of people who are injured in this incident, but they all have one thing in common, they keep going up. as you say, the total number of injured is now close to 1,000. there's how many people they say, between 30 and 100 have been treated in hospital and a smaller number, less than ten we are told are said to be in grave condition. fortunately for all the drama, for all the sheer terrifying elements to all of this, the damage although widespread is not significant. it is largely broken glass.
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the people that were showered in broken glass as they were struck by the sonic booms that most of the injuries are not more serious than simple cuts and scratches. >> unbelievable. phil black reporting live from moscow. let's talk more about the piece of meteor itself, because indra petersons, please help us understand this. as you look at this thing, it clearly is on fire when it enters the earth's atmosphere. am i right? >> absolutely. i definitely wanted to start you with the distinguishing factor between an asteroid and a meteor. it's an asteroid before it enters the earth's atmosphere. once it enters the earth's atmosphere you're talking about friction with their atmospheric compositi composition, that makes it start to be a fireball. as it moves closer towards earth it continues to burn up and gets smaller. that's what we're watching. if it hits the ground it's called a meteorite. look at the video. it entered at 33,000 miles per hour, so remember, we talked about this being ten several
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meters wide like a semitruck hurling at us at 10,000 miles per hour. of course it started to burn up, started to slow down with friction and then the huge boom everyone's talking about. 760 miles per hour is the speed of sound. remember this thing started off at 33,000 miles per hour, at some point it slows down to 200, 400 miles per hour. either way you can see that boom be anywhere from is.5 to even five minutes thereafter intending on the speed of that. that's the reason everyone's been able to get their cameras up in time, capture the video and hear the large boom. >> so the boom, the sound itself shook the earth and broke the windows and scattered debris, is that how that happened? >> absolutely. we're talking about something that moves through a medium much faster and i say medium as a scientific term but whatever it is around it, this case being the air so much faster than the surrounding area, that's just a blast, typical blast like any other explosion, like any bullet or anything else. same thing, on a much larger scale. >> yes e were ety scary stuff.
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indra petersons, thank you so much. wow, let's turn to another reason for eyes on the sky today, this giant rock nearly half the size of a football field dwarf's today's meteor shower over russia. even though this will brush by the earth it will be 1,000 miles away. scientists say there is absolutely no chance of impact. cnn's jason carroll is in new york at the american museum of natural history, but jason, in light of what happened in russia, it just makes you a little nervous. >> reporter: you know, carol it's a wake-up call. you look at what happened in russia, you look at what's going to happen later on this afternoon. the name of that asteroid is 2012da14, not a very inspiring name for such an incredible object and you know, as the animation shows, at its closest point that's going to be at about 2:00 this afternoon, 2:24 i think to be exact, it will pass just about 17,200 miles from earth. that may sound like it's far away, carol, but that's actually
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very, very close. some of our communications and weather satellites are actually in that same area but we're told from scientists that this particular asteroid is not going to have any effect on any of our communication satellites but still this is something to keep a very close eye on. someone who has been watching closely, it's dr. denton abel, he's 6'5", back just a little bit. he's curator here at the hall of the universe and you've been studying meteors, asteroids for quite a long time. when you look at what's happening with 2012da14, the asteroid passing by this afternoon, what are some of your thoughts? >> my thoughts are what is it made out of and why is it coming so close. we know it probably comes from the asteroid belt. i study meteorites, i study this stuff, the astronomers look at things far away so this is sort of in between that space. >> reporter: you no he what fascinates and frightens me about this, carol, if you think
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about this particular asteroid, you think this was discovered by amateur astronomers in spain. >> sure. >> reporter: just about a year ago. if we were to discover another one that was going to impact us, we wouldn't have the capability to stop it if it was discovered in, you know, a year out of impact, maybe in a year and a half? >> well, that's too short a time span. the political will doesn't really exist to mount a global protection effort, but the amateurs in spain in this case who discovered this, there's plenty of will in the amateur scientific community and the professional scientific community to find these things. we do know 95% of the big ones, the ones that are greater than a kilometer in diameter, but here we have a tiny object over russia, an air burst in an area where they have nuclear weapons plants, who knows what's there, but they woke up and smelled the asteroid today. >> reporter: they certainly did. >> this afternoon we'll see another small body, 45 meters, not a big deal. >> reporter: we'll be checking
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back with you this afternoon as we continue to watch this particular asteroid, 2012da14. it is not going to impact the earth but carol definitely a close call. >> i don't want to wake up and smell the asteroid today, at least not in the united states. i feel sorry for our friends in russia. thank you very much, both of you. take a look at the new pictures, they show oscar pistorius breaking down in tears after a judge formally charges him with murder this morning. the olympic track star accused of shooting and killing his model girlfriend on valentine's day. prosecutors say they will argue pistorius committed premeditated murder, he planned it according to police. cnn's robyn curnow is following this from south africa. robyn so many confusing things are coming out of this. is it true that police are alleging that he shot her through a bathroom door? >> reporter: lots of things to
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talk about. you've just been running that story about a meteorite hitting. for many people here in pretoria, across south africa it meals like a bombshell has hit. people are still very much reeling from this information, from the story, this valentine's tragedy. it's everywhere in this country, and like you say, there is still a lot of confusion, still a lot of rumors, a lot of speculation about what happened in oscar pistorius' house valentine's morning. there he is, his girlfriend shot dead. we understand from media reports she had full bullet wounds, where she was found, where her body was found one newspaper saying it was found in a body and that there were bullets going through the door of the path room, and another newspaper, though, contradicting that saying her body was found downstairs so i think we've got to be very careful about coming to any sort of understanding of what transpired. this is the court where oscar pistorius appeared this morning.
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his bail application was denied until tuesday, but crucially as you mentioned, the state feeling like they have a very strong case against the olympian. they want to charge him with premeditated murder, but pistorius has just put out a statement via his agent and says he strongly disagrees with these murder charges. i think it's going to be a long, drawn out court case. >> robyn curnow reporting live from south africa this morning. big companies have already made their decision, they're distancing themselves from pistorius. nike pulled this ad already which included the phrase "i am the bullet in the chamber." makie is not withdrawing support for pistorius even though this could cause a public relations nightmare, frankly. >> at the beginning of any crisis, you have to say something. very often we call dressing up no comment as a comment. i think in the past nike has been very clowe to respond to a
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tiger woods situation or other situations and that makes the public question what their true motives are. >> nike as well as oakley and other pistorius sponsors express condolences but would not any further comment. a history-making move, senate republicans blocked chuck hagel from becoming the newest defense secretary for at least two more weeks. cnn's chief congressional correspondent dana bash has more for you. >> on this vote the yeas are 58, the nays are 40. >> reporter: it was a moment for the history books. >> the motion is not agreed to. >> reporter: chuck hagel fell short of the 60 votes needed to break a gop filibuster of his nomination to be defense secretary. only four republicans supported their former senate gop colleague. >> the filibuster of senator hagel's confirmation is unprecedented, i repeat, not a single nominee for secretary of defense ever in the history of our country has been filibustered, never, ever. >> reporter: republicans argued
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they need more time saying hagel is too controversial to be confirmed only days after getting through committee on a party line vote. >> the president has a right to appoint people in whom he has confidence, but we have a constitutional responsibility to consider the nominee. a number of the republican senators have questions. >> reporter: democrats see it another way, republicans are dragging their feet on hagel in order to look for more information to bring him down. >> let's not hide behind a filibuster. let's have the courage to vote yes or vote no. don't hide behind parliamentary tricks. >> reporter: the white house knew from day one hagel's confirmation would not be easy. controversial statements on israel, jews and gays, as well as his positions on iran and iraq put him in the cross-hairs of senators on both sides of the aisle but mostly fellow
9:14 am
republicans, and a widely panned performance at his confirmation hearing even by democrats didn't help. >> i -- uh -- misspoke and said i supported the president's position on containment. >> reporter: only in the last 48 hours did it become clear hagel did not have the votes to overcome a filibuster this week. >> senators have the right to have those questions answered. >> chief congressional correspondent dana bash joins us now from capitol hill. so dana, is it just about chuck hagel's being a controversial guy or does benghazi play into this, too? >> reporter: all of the above, but i think at its core, it is chuck hagel being a controversial guy. look, we and most people, including the white house, thought that this was going to be okay, that the filibuster would not continue, but it changed because primarily senators like mccain and others who had said they wouldn't support a filibuster switched because they were pressured by fellow republicans who said they wanted more time and so they said okay, fine, we'll give you that. the issue for hagel supporters
9:15 am
is that there are people out there who, groups out there who are determined to use the next ten days to try to dig up something else to torpedo his nomination once and for all. although carol i talked to a number of republican senators who voted no yesterday and told me they would absolutely vote yes the next time this comes up, which is in about ten days you never know what's going to happen and that is a lifetime when you're talking about a controversial nominee kind of hanging out there. >> you're going to be back in 15 minutes and we'll discuss this further and we appreciate that. dana bash reporting live from capitol hill this morning. costco, the big box retailer where you can find flat screen tvs, giant tubs of mayo, and tiffany engagement rings? turns out tiffany has something to say about that. [ male announcer ] you are a business pro. executor of efficiency. you can spot an amateur from a mile away... while going shoeless and metal-free in seconds. and from national.
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1 minutes past the hour.
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more than 900 people reportedly hurt after a meteor explodes over southern russia. most injuries are minor, from flying glass. witnesses say they saw a bright, white flash and felt a big old boom. glass in hundreds of buildings shattered and there are reports shock waves also set off car alarms and cut cell phone service. better safe than sorry. european planemaker airbus is ditching plans to use lithium ion batteries in its new passenger jets. investigators haven't confirmed those same batteries caused serious problems in boeing's 787 dreamliner, but with scores of those planes grounded, airbus is not taking chances. two months after the sandy hook massacre more than 5,000 gun control advocates rallied at the connecticut state house. governor dannel malloy said no one should be able to buy a gun without a background check. in a few hours president obama will head to chicago to speak at a south side high school. he's expected to focus on
9:20 am
improving the middle class but also he'll likely talk about gun violence. that's because 15-year-old hadiya pendleton was shot and killed a mile from obama's chicago home, days after performing at the inaugural luncheon in washington, d.c., during inaugural week. that sparked a petition with nearly 50,000 signatures demanding the president visit chicago and outline a specific plan to prevent gun violence. joining us from chicago is the woman who helped start the coalition, kathy cohen and mike shields, president of the chicago fraternal order of police. welcome to you both. >> good morning. >> thanks for having us. >> kathy, the president made a plea for congress to vote on his gun control proposals during the state of the union. that didn't satisfy you? >> no. i mean we're really looking for the president to offer a comprehensive analysis of kind
9:21 am
of the factors that underlie gun violence. we support the president in looking for legislation to deal with gun control, but we also want the president to talk about the unemployment that young people face, the levels of poverty that they face, the kind of failed experiment with excessive incarceration, and we know that unless we deal with these underlying factors, actually we'll never really deal with the crisis of gun violence. >> it seems to be difficult in this country to deal with shades of gray. it seems everything is in black and white. is that our problem? >> i think it's hard for people to understand that we have a long-term issue here that deserves kind of sustained investment. i think we're looking for i dare say and i hate this term the silver bullet. we think if we can just figure out a way to kind of take illegal guns off the street which is critically important that that will deal with the issue, and i think most of us know that, in fact, these are long-term issues of disinvestment in certain communities that leave young people with very little options
9:22 am
and very few opportunities and makes it more likely that they're going to make bad decisions with a gun in their hand. >> mike, we always hear, oh chicago has some of the strictest gun laws in the nation and yet you have this terrible problem with gun violence. first of all, is it true that chicago has strict gun laws? >> i believe chicago has the second strictest gun laws in the united states, but unfortunately we're not able to enforce them. chicago policemen lock a guy up and he's getting out of jail in two days because some of the judges are, you know, weak on the bond ruling and we need to be able to enforce the laws that we already have on the books. we have plenty of laws, plenty of enforcements. we need to be able to you know have a true penalty instead of six months later this guy's out. >> and is it because, i mean, i know we have problems enforcing laws for many different reasons but as far as police on the streets are concerned, is it because the police seem
9:23 am
outgunned? are there too few police? what is it? >> the problem in chicago is that we're down about 1,500 chicago police officers and unfortunately mayor emmanuel balanced two budgets at the expense of public safety, and truly chicago needs to hire more police officers. they need to stop with the press conferences every five minutes, look what we're doing, we're going to change this, we're going to change that. the fact of the matter chicago is the victim of their own success. about 2004-2005, people were truly getting locked up for great drug cases and different gang cases. now these same people, they're getting out right now, they're getting out on the outskirts of chicago and they're on the streets again and look what happened the other day with the 15-year-old girl getting killed. that's just one small example of what happens all the time in chicago unfortunately. >> mike shields, cathy cohen thank you so much for joining us. president obama will be in chicago later today to talk
9:24 am
about the economy and also talk about gun control measures. blade runner oscar pistorius, like lance, tiger, a-rod, another fallen star. are there any hero athletes left? it's our talk back question.
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now is your chance to talk back on one of the stories of the day. the question, are there any hero athletes left? oscar pistorius, once a hero, a double amputee who ran into olympic history. >> being an international sportsman is a lot of responsibility that comes with that, so having to toggle that and remembering you know that there are kids out there especially that look up to you is definitely something that you need to keep at the back of your mind. >> mr. role model is now accuseed of murder. pistorius breaking down in court accused of shooting his girlfriend four times reportedly through a bathroom door. no one knows what happened yet though his agent denies the murder charge. there are hints pistorius may not be the man we thought it was. police say there were allegations of a domestic nature at his home before this incident. sadly, pistorius is the latest
9:28 am
fallen athlete hero. it's frankly exhausting, lance, tiger, a-rod, brought down by everything from cheating in sports to cheating on their wives. maybe charles barkley was on to something. >> i am not a role model. i'm not paid to be a role model. >> but like it or not, sir charles, we look up to people like you, but maybe it's time for us to look elsewhere. talk back question, are there any hero athletes left?, or tweet me @carolcnn. i'll be right back. how do you keep an older car running like new? you ask a ford customer. when they tell you that you need your oil changed you got to bring it in. if your tires need to be rotated, you have to get that done as well. jackie, tell me why somebody should bring they're car here to the ford dealership for service
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today. investors concerned about europe's economic health and we're waiting on a handful of new economic reports. the irs knows you are eager for your refund but it's asking for a little tiny bit of patience. early filers have been overwhelming the where's my refund website, and smartphone app trying to figure out exactly when they will get their refund money but checking every five minutes will not help you. officials say the information is only update the once a day, and usually overnight. more than 900 people reportedly hurt after a meteor explodes over southern russia. most injuries are minor and blamed on flying glass. witnesses say they saw a bright white flash and then felt a big old boom. glass and hundreds of buildings shattered, there were reports shock waves set off car alarms and cut cell phone service. history on the senate floor, and in a special political buzz, three minutes of hot talk on benghazi, chuck hagel and of
9:33 am
course partisanship. playing today, chief congress n congressional correspondent dana bash, espn senior writer l.z. granderson and republican strategist rich galen. >> the only person being paid on this program. >> oh my gosh! >> wow, we're starting there already. boy! >> okay, before we begin -- >> strap in. >> i've been sitting here to think what to say. >> before we begin the conversation a little explanation. republicans successfully blocked the confirmation of chuck hagel for defense secretary in part because of hagel's controversial remark on gays and jews and his terrible performance during his confirmation hearings, but also because five months ago, terrorists attacked the u.s. consulate in benghazi, libya. >> we will continue pushing and asking questions about benghazi, not because it's personal, not because we're republicans and he's a democrat, but because america needs to learn what
9:34 am
happened and we need to learn from our mistakes. >> this, despite testimony on benghazi from general petraeus, hillary clinton, admiral mike mullen, leon panetta, martin dempsey, but it's not enough. republicans want to know what happened as the attack in benghazi went down and who changed those talking points. they want more answers from the president. so dana, is chuck, is the blockage of chuck hagel's confirmation because of benghazi, as lindsey graham illustrates or is it because of something else? >> reporter: it is mostly because of chuck hagel. benghazi was, they sort of have been on a crusade to get more answers for benghazi and like you see many, many times here in the senate, they saw chuck hagel and his nomination as a way to use that as leverage to get answers and they did, they got an answer about what the president's role was on that day. but really this is mostly about
9:35 am
chuck hagel and you know, john mccain is actually the perfect example of why it is about the man himself, and that is he said last night after he had kind of given lots of different explanations, all of them i think are credible from his point of view, that the real fundamental thing that has bothered most of hagel's fellow republicans here, former colleagues here, is the way that he defied his party, defied his president, then george w. bush, on iraq, and that really did not sit well with many republicans here, and they remember that. it's a whole bunch of other issues but that at its core is the fundamental problem. >> so rich, i'll ask you as a republican strategy, are the concerns over chuck hagel serious enough to filibuster and block confirmation? that's the first time this has before happened in the history of u.s. politics. >> well, everybody says that, but that would get two thumbs up in the political fact check so john bolten was blocked and the
9:36 am
ambassador to the u.n. was a cabinet level slot. the republicans i think dana have said that they'll probably let this thing go after the ten-day presidents' day holiday. they're holding it up another ten or 12 days. the president only nominated him on january 6th or 7th, so it's not like this has been hanging around for six or seven months and the republicans are dragging their feet, dragging their feet. i suspect senator hagel will be the defense secretary and from somebody who has to write three days a week, having to take a list of defense and carry it in state, that's like mana from heaven. >> it boggles my mind, l.z., we're pretty certain chuck hagel will be nominated or confirmed anyway, why waste our time? >> it makes for good theater. you know, i encourage all ever your viewers, you know, when they get done watching us to google chuck hagel and senator
9:37 am
mccain. you don't have to go very far before you see quotes from senator mccain praising chuck hagel, calling him an outstanding citizen and someone that he would be proud to serve with, had he become president back in 2008. what has changed since when those quotes were given to today? the only thing i can think that has changed is the fact you have a president they don't like and they want to stick it to him. this is about theater more than anything else. mitch mcconnell praised him as well on the way out so i'm trying to figure out what has happened over the short period of time? everything he said about w., that happened prior to the comments being made. >> but l.z., he has given speeches and written and joined, been on the board of organizations that frankly make me a little uncomfortable and again i'm on the side of giving a president wide latitude in picking his cabinet, but those things have happened since he left the senate, so i'm not sure it's fair to compare what mccain
9:38 am
said four or eight years ago and what he is saying today. >> if i could just maybe shed some light on that, it was back in 2000, when chuck hagel was actually john mccain's national co-chair of his presidential campaign, that's when mccain said that he personally he would even have chuck hagel as his defense secretary and what did change is what i mentioned before, it really was iraq that changed, that sent them on their separate ways personally but much more importantly on a policy level, and that was the fundamental problem at its foundation but there's no question that republicans see hagel's positions on iran as a big problem, and then, yes, of course, that's on top of that is the fact that they don't love the fact that the president nominated him, someone who they think is, for lack of a better with a i to say it, a political traitor, to be the next defense sec. secretary. >> dana you're reporting on the day that -- >> the press has quoted him -- >> let me get back to this. >> all right.
9:39 am
>> and then i'll stop. on the day he testified, your reporting was fantastic in the dismal job that he was doing and i believe he used, you used the word "shocked" coming from senators' mouths. i think for a lot of, for some republicans there was sort of, that feel like me that the president should get who he wants, they think if that's how badly he did in that forum and he's been a member of the senate, that maybe we need to give this just one more breath before we vote yes. >> l.z. wrap it up for us. >> i just, well i just wanted to point out that while it's true his initial quotes in 2000, the associated press has quotes from him as early as 2008-2009 still praising the man so it's not as if i'm reaching out for a decade for old quotes. these are still relatively new in the political cycle. debris chuck hagel did a horrible job. i'm trying to figure out why these two men who praised him fairly recently in the cycle, why are they trashing him this hard? i think it's personal, in
9:40 am
addition to his performance. >> all right, thank you so much for the interesting discussion this morning, our cnn cnn chief congressional for xondent dana bash, cnn contributor l.z. granderson and our boulevard republican strategist, thanks to all of you. many passengers from the carnival "triumph" are already back in texas, arriving not by ship but by bus, after their nightmare cruise finally ends. [ woman ] ring. ring. progresso. your soups are so awesomely delicious
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keeping heart healthy is many times like alphabet soup so what do all the letters mean? know your numbers or bp, ldl and hdl. bp is blood pressure, hdl and ldl are cholesterol. >> hdl which is your good cles kohl, high density lipo proteins and for men above 40, women above 50 and you should know your ldl, which is your low density lipo proteins, the bad needs to be under 100 for the general population. >> what does bmi stand for? >> it stands for body mass index and it's a calculating of the percentage of someone's body that is made up of fat and we have ranges we know are healthy and unhealthy. bmi less than 25 is healthy, above 25 you're overweight and you need to do something about it. >> reporter: and an ekg or ecg?
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>> ekg is actually the german abbreviation for electrocardiogram. in english we say ecg but it's an electrical measurement of the heart's activity. >> if you suffered from a t.i.a. should you be worried? >> it's a transient ischemic attack. it's a warning sign you're at risk of a stroke and that should never be ignored. >> reporter: all important things to know when it comes to your health. elizabeth cohen, cnn.
9:45 am
45 minutes past the hour. over 900 hurt after a meteor hits ulan, russia. glass and hundreds of buildings shattered and there are reports shock waves also set off car alarms and cut cell phone service. to oregon where the same-sex spouse of a military veteran will be buried in arlington national cemetery. it's thought to be the first of its kind since secretary veterans of affairs personally approved the burial. his decision was based on evidence of a committed relationship, it does not change the military's policy of not recognizing same-sex marriage, however. the monster beverage company plans to start listing how much caffeine is in its energy drinks. the change is part of a voluntary move toward compliance with stricter federal guidelines. critics including officials in washington questioned the safety of energy drinks.
9:46 am
red bull already uses stricter labeling. 3,100 passengers from the carnival "triumph" are on a new trip this morning, and that would be oh, a blessed trip home! passengers so happy to be on land, one of them actually kissed the ground. others are just happy for the basics, you know, like a shower and hot food. brooke baldwin has more on their nightmare vacation. >> reporter: the scene in mobile, alabama, passengers cheer and wave as the carnival cruise ship "triumph" makes its way into port. others show signs like "sweet home alabama" relieved their vacation is finally over. >> good to be back on solid ground and you think about a good three-day cruise that we had and then it was a bad four-day camping trip. >> reporter: the ship limped into port late thursday night, some four days after an engine room fire knocked out power aboard the vessel. >> we are glad to be on dry
9:47 am
land. our -- it's just been a horrible experience for us. >> reporter: having seen and heard the frustration, carnival's ceo said he boarded the ship to personally apologize to all the passengers. >> i know the conditions on board were very poor. i know it was very difficult and i want to apologize again for subjecting our guests to that. we pride ourselves in providing our guests with a great vacation experience, and clearly we failed in this particular case. >> reporter: passengers had to endure toilettes that didn't work, some reported sewage in the hallways, long lines for food, and hot, smelly cabins. but through it all, some passengers say everyone pulled together. >> i think i saw a lot more of the good behavior and a lot less of the bad behavior, so the tempers would flare occasionally but nothing too dramatic. >> reporter: as you might expect there were a few reunions on shore, brooklyn burgess was
9:48 am
among them overjoyed at the sight of her father, who was there awaiting her arrival. >> he picked me up and hugged me and i started crying. it was just, it was so good to see him. after being on that boat for that long and not knowing when or how we were getting back. >> reporter: brooke baldwin, cnn, mobile, alabama. costco, the big box retailer where you can find anything, flat screen tvs, giant tubs of mayo and tiffany engagement rings? tiffany has something to say about that. [ male announcer ] when we built the cadillac ats from the ground up to be the world's best sport sedan... ♪ ...people noticed. ♪ the all-new cadillac ats -- 2013 north american car of the year. ♪ for a limited time, take advantage of this
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this, i take it was not purchased at tiffany's? >> no, actually, was purchased concurrent with -- actually came inside of -- well, a box of cracker jack. >> i see. >> oh, the audrey hepburn classic "breakfast at tiffany's." while that clerk seemed a little nonplussed, while the real clerk was livid over rings sold at costco. >> reporter: hey, carol, what this lawsuit reportedly does is accuses costco of a big faux pa. it said the discounter wrongly
9:52 am
promoted as tiffany engagement rings on signs located inside the store when they were not tiffany rings. costco does sell engagement rings. i saw one for $62,000 on their website there. none are sold in that famous blue box. tiffany's lawsuit reportedly says tiffany has never sold nor would it's ever sell its fine jewelry through an off-price warehouse retailer like costco. the brand name is everything when it comes to luxury goods if you can buy tiffany jeweler at a costco, what it does is cheapens that brand. we did reach out to tiffany and costco. no comment from either of them but costco reportedly took down those signs when tiffany complained last rear. hmm. carol. >> i know, i was hoping that i coo buy tiffany rings in bulk. although i don't think that would make it any cheaper. >> sell them on the street. >> let's do it.
9:53 am
alison kosik, thanks so much. call it intermission at the australian open. golfers pored to take a break when the course is overrun by kangaroos. lobsterfest is the king of all promotions. there's nothing like our grilled lobster and lobster tacos. the bar harbor bake is really worth trying. [ male announcer ] get more during red lobster's lobsterfest. with the year's largest selection of mouth-watering lobster entrees. like our delicious lobster lover's dream, featuring two kinds of succulent lobster tails. or our savory, new grilled maine lobster and lobster tacos. it's back, but not for long. [ woman ] our guests go crazy for lobsterfest. my favorite entree is the lobster lover's dream. what's yours? come celebrate lobsterfest and sea food differently.
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9:55 am
the streak is over for the nba's reigning mvp but, oh, lebron james is still on fire for the miami heat.
9:56 am
jeff joins us with the bleacher report. >> yeah, the streak is over because of one shot. one shot that lebron didn't need to take. he missed a three-pointer in the final two minutes which dropped that shooting percentage under 60% for the game. in this game was all miami, they beat oklahoma city by 10 points to win the seventh straight game. lebron was great again. scored over 30 points. 39 to be exact. but this is the shot that dropped his shooting percentage to 59%. which is 1% shy of extending his nba report to seven straight games. >> you had your 60% field goal percentage going until you jacked up that three in the shot clock. were you aware what that meant? >> no, i wasn't aware, but all good things got to come to an end at some point. you know, it was a good run. we got the win tonight and that's the most important. >> hey, mate. it's a kangaroo. look at this he lpga tournament in australia. it was delayed by what else --
9:57 am
yes, kangaroos. dozens of them bouncing up and down the fairway. play was actually stopped for a short time. you know, seeing the kangaroo ares, carol, got us thinking wondering if one of those kangaroos happened to pick up one of the player's golf balls would that player be penalized? we found out not, because the kangaroos, as you might be surprised in australia are not part of the golf course. you have heard of this, the harlem shake? it's quickly become the internet sensation. it starts with one person dancing kind of crazy then a whole bunch joins in. here's nascar jeff gordon and his pit crew version of the harlem shake. ♪ all right. pretty good. they're even doing this thing at spring training. here's the arizona diamondbacks. ♪ >> all right.
9:58 am
so for more entertaining sports news check out bleacher carol, the harlem shake started with a couple guys in a dorm room. i'm sure they were kicking back a few. now internet sensation, nascar, spring training. they're doing it on subways. you name it. harlem shake. >> you just put a weird thing on your head and dance. that's it. joe carter thank you. the next hour of "cnn newsroom" after a short break. ent drum. and where beauty meets brains. it's big ideas with smaller footprints. and knowing there's always more in the world to see. it's the all-new lincoln mkz. britta olsen is my patient. i spend long hours with her checking her heart rate,
9:59 am
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10:01 am
happying now in the newsroom -- meteor shower. breaking overnight. amazing pictures out of russia. hundreds are injured as fragments slam into earth. plus -- >> it's kind of crazy. the shower, get to a place where the toilet flushes. >> i just really want a bed. sweet home, alabama, back on land. the cruise from hell, great for thousands of weary vacationers. and also, charges bladerunner repeatedly shooting his girlfriend four times through a closed bathroom door. plus, it will not land you in jail overnight from the big apple. "newsroom" starts now.
10:02 am
hey, good morning. i'm carol costello. thank you so much for being with me. we begin with the shock and awe of a meteor, raining down on south russia. more than 100 people reportedly injured. millions mesmerized by the images streaming in. wash that fireball as it grows bigger and bigger as it races through the sky. and then erupts into light but takes seconds to for the sound to catch up. that's what you call a sonic boom. it exploded across the region and jolted buildings with a sudden and frightening violence. watch the very moment of impact. now, keep in mind, that was the shock wave hitting the buildings. not part of the meteor. across six towns, thousands and thousands of windows were shattered. hundreds of buildings were damaged. in just a minute, we'll take you to russia, to moscow for the
10:03 am
latest developments. first, let's turn to an astronomer to tell us from the thing. he's from the science museum, his name is david dundee. how are you doing, david? >> i'm good. >> i watched that thing. it was a scary thing. tell us, it was a piece of a meteor, and was it actually on fire as it entered the earth's atmosphere? >> well, what's happening, actually, this object, ten tons traveling 33,000 miles per hour. and when it hits the earth's atmosphere, it's like almost hitting a brick wall so it's releasing a lot of energy and it's causing the air around the meteor right to get very hot and to glow. so that's the bright light that you're seeing. the shock wave that caused a lot of the damage on the ground was from this impact that this object hitting the atmosphere of the earth. and apparently, from the footage, a lot of pieces broke
10:04 am
off and perhaps made it to the ground. >> so, it was really the sound. and does it make up into a million tiny pieces and they're not really particularly dangerous? >> yeah, depending on the composition of the meteor right, on whether it will survive its actual trip down to the surface of the earth, but most meteorites will burn up in the atmosphere. this tiparticular one is bigger than your average meteorite, so it made a bigger splash, if you will, in the earth's atmosphere. this is a kind of event you can count on happening roughly once every ten years. it's kind of a once in a decade kind of event. and it's also the kind of objects that nasa cannot predict ahead of time. they're too small to actually track. the as asteroid that's passing
10:05 am
the earth later this afternoon is an object that nasa can pick up ahead of time and can track. by the way, the two events are not related in any way. it's just a chance circumstance that both of these happened on the same day. >> okay. well, let's talk more about this asteroid. as we said, we know that's coming. so every ten years we can expect this sort of thing that happened over russia to happen somewhere in the world and there's not much we can do about it? >> no. there's no way really to predict objects that small coming into the earth atmosphere. tellus museum here is part of the network of nasa set up with fireball cameras. we have several in the southeast. and a few in the west. and this is part of a project, an effort, to track bright meteors. and we track about 8 to 12 bright meteors every night over cartersville. but when we link it with other cameras, we can tell how fast, how high, and even plot where in
10:06 am
the solar system these smaller objects are coming from. and what nasa is trying to determine through this project is the density, how many of these things are, and where most of them are coming from. and so that's the kind of data we're gathering here in tellus and other places in the southeast. >> keep on going with that. david dundee, thank you for being with us this morning. >> my pleasure. let's turn to another reason to keep your eye on the sky. david mentioned that, a giant rock nearly half the size of a football field dwarfs the meteor over russia. but it will brush by the earth. it will be 17,000 miles away. scientists, you heard david, he said there's no chance of impact. cnn's jason carroll is in new york at the american museum of natural history because of in light of what happened in russia, i'm a little nervous, jason? >> well, i have to tell you, a lot of scientists have been watching what happened in russia very closely. they're also watching very closely what's going to be
10:07 am
happening later today. these are unrelated events. let me sort of set the scene where we are, carol. in the hall of the universe. a meteor, about the size of a small car if you look at this one. this one discovered in 1902. the one that we're going to be watching later today which is expected to pass by the earth at its closest point at 2:24:25 this afternoon is literally going to pass about 17,000 miles from earth. it's about half the size of a football field. much larger than the one, obviously, that you see behind me here. one of the scientists that is going to be watching very closely is dr. denton able. he's curator here of meteorites at the museum. there was a previous interview that you couldn't hear. but an important point that i think should be made, a lot of these asteroids that we're talking about, like the one we're looking at this afternoon, we don't know that they're out there? >> oh, no, this russian
10:08 am
meteorite literally came out of the blue. and this big object, 45 meters, that's not that big. but it's pretty big. and that object was only seen a year ago. and it's the first time something that's come this close has been seen ahead of time. so we didn't go, oh, there it was. and now we're going to go, here it comes. we can get ready for it. we can look at it, observe it and study it. >> and this one discovered by amateur astronomers in pain? >> well, this was an effort to do the science. to understand the space rocks. i mean, i studied them in the lab, the real stuff. astronomers, they see them far away. and this stuff that's coming into our atmosphere, in the case of the russian fireball. or that's coming really close to us, that's in that area that we have to collaborate. and we do that. >> dr. denton able, i want to thank you for that again. 2:24, that's where the asteroid
10:09 am
is at its closest. we're watching. >> i'll be watching hopefully, i won't see a thing. jason carroll, dr. denton, thank you so much. jackpot, powerball welcomes a new couple into the winner's circle. the only question now, what will they buy with millions of dollars they're now taking home? omnipotent of opportunity. you know how to mix business... with business. and from national. because only national lets you choose any car in the aisle. and go. you can even take a full-size or above. and still pay the mid-size price. i could get used to this. [ male announcer ] yes, you could business pro. yes, you could. go national. go like a pro.
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hurry. $14.95 won't last. 12 minutes past the hour. time to check the top story. two months after the sandy hook massacre, more than 5,000 gun control after vo kits really at the state house. no one should be able to buy a gun without a background check. if you're caught with marijuana in new york city you may not have to go straight to jail anymore. starting next month, police will no longer hold most people overnight for possessing small amounts of pot. mayor michael bloomberg made the announcement and defended the controversial stop and frisk policies. and it's kept illegal guns off the streets. i looked up to make sure was the same date. it sure can't be. my hands were shaking like this.
10:13 am
and i could barely read the ticket anymore. >> he and his wife nancy are the latest jackpot winners. honeywells who work for the defense department plan to take a lump sum payment of $130 million before taxes. what will they buy first? dave says he's going to buy a new car to replace his 13-year-old clunker. it's a quick turnaround for that crippled cruise ship "triumph." it's been docked but already the "triumph" is moving to the repair dock to be fixed. earlier this morning, some passengers were so happy to be on land, they actually kissed the ground. others are just happy for the basics, like a shower. how do you feel? >> glad to be on land for sure. >> yeah? >> yeah. a little tired. ready to get on a bus. get a shower, be in a place where the toilet flushes. >> feels good to be back on solid ground. you think about a good three-day
10:14 am
cruise we had. and then a bad four-day camping trip. so what are you going to do. >> i appreciate water, flushing toilets, electricity. we weren't prepared for it. >> hey -- no. >> came through it as a family? >> we did. we were all together and that what is was most important. >> victor blackwell is in mobile, alabama. did you get a chance to talk to the crew of the "triumph"? >> reporter: yeah i spoke with a few crew members. i spoke with a few passengers actually. there's a woman still walking around in a carnival robe here that she took from the cruise because she didn't come with any warm clothing. as she expected to go to cozumel and then back to galveston. and here she is in chilly mobile. some of the crew members arrived on buses early this morning. they too, left without the comforts of the basics of warm
10:15 am
food, a hot shower, a comfortable bed. they're in the hotel next door. there's about 200 rooms booked. i spoke to one cruise member, sasha, i asked him how under these conditions did he keep the passengers so happy. listen. >> well, the passengers asked us how we're doing things. it's simple. because we're used to it. that's why we make the best effort for therm. and we did -- >> reporter: even with all the challenges, it was just part of the job? >> it's a part of the job. always. because we're experienced. so we know how to do it. and carnival is the best and they give the best services to guests. we had a lot of things. >> reporter: now, the hotel managers tell us that these rooms have been booked for three nights. and sachin tells me after those three nights he will either have
10:16 am
to go back to the ship if it's repaired and ready to go. but he's likely going to be transferred to another ship. they actually have to get back to work after this. the people here at the hotel had breakfast ready for them when they arrived at 4:00 a.m. local. and they say they will do that for the next three days, carol. >> victor blackwell, reporting live from mobile, alabama this morning. president obama, he's headed to his hometown of chicago this morning. he's expected to talk about his plans to boost the economy. but you can bet he's going to talk about gun control, too. especially on the main streets of chicago. we'll be right back.
10:17 am
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10:19 am
in just a few hours, president obama will head to his hometown of chicago. to speak at the south side high school. he's expected to focus on improving the economy for the middle class, but he's also going to talk about gun violence. cnn's ted rowlands is in chicago with a preview. good morning, ted. >> reporter: good morning, carol. that's what people in chicago will be listening to. he'll be talking to in hyde park, at this high school in hyde park, near where his home is near this high school.
10:20 am
it's also near where hadiya pendleton was killed. you remember hadiya pendleton, the 15-year-old killed in chicago. her parents sitting next to the first lady during the state of the union. we talked to person arrested in that murder. his family members. michael ward accused of murdering hadiya pendleton. we talked about the gun problems in chicago. they say this has hurt everybody. they say they're heartbroken over the loss of hadiya. and they also believe if all the focus on michael and not a focus on the greater problem that this will be a loss. >> he is about to be the poster boy for gun violence. this is what he's about to be. and this is sad because, like she said, we have kids getting killed every day. every day. >> and they say that michael ward was a good kid. is a good kid. he's 18 years old. and the problem in this city is
10:21 am
that these kids are out of control in these gangs. and this gun violence is just hurting everybody in these neighborhoods. they're hoping the president just by being here will extend this conversation that really was sparked by hadiya's death. they're hoping it can extend to the point where real change can be accomplished. carol. >> i'm just struggling to understand michael's family members. he hasn't gone to court yet. but accused of being involved in hadiya's murder. so why shouldn't he be the poster boy if he's guilty of this crime? >> well, their point is this is a young man like a lot of young men in these urban areas, specifically in chicago, that are caught up on this. they don't believe he's guilty. they don't know. they waiting for the facts to come out. they're claiming he's not guilty but they are keeping an open mind. the bottom line, their family is hurting just like other families. you take hadiya are pendleton's
10:22 am
case, the whole country knows about that. their point is this happens up the time in the cities. there are cities devastated by the gun violence. >> ted rowlands reporting live. an ad for chanel perfume starring actress kearia knightley banned for being too sexy. we'll let you be the judge.
10:23 am
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10:26 am
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welcome to our new half hour show. "talk back." three hot comments. hagel's historic filibuster, winning the war on guns and another fallen hero oscar pistorius. joining us lz granderson. maria and jason johnson, rounding things out nicely, republican strategist rich galen. welcome to all of. you. >> morning. >> thank you, carol. >> on to question one, why the historic filibustering of chuck hagel? history of the u.s. senate. not the lincoln and the 13th amendment history but the partisan kind. republicans have successfully blocked the nomination of chuck hagel in part because of hagel's
10:30 am
controversial remarks on gays and jews and terrible remarks. and five months ago because terrorists attacked the u.s. consulate in benghazi, libya. >> we will continue pushing and asking questions about benghazi, not because it's personal. not because we're republicans and he's a democrat. but because america needs to learn what happened. and we need to learn from our mistakes. >> this, despite, testimony about benghazi from general petraeus, hillary clinton, admiral mike mullen, defense secretary leon panetta and general mark dempsey, nevertheless, they want more answers from the president, even though the president sent them a letter overnight with more details. first "talk back" question, why the filibuster of hagel, rich? >> i don't think it's a filibuster. it's a temporary hold.
10:31 am
when they get back from their two-week vacation because they have works three weeks in a row, i think hagel will be the defense secretary. he was only nominated on january 7th. it's not like this has been held up six or seven months. >> what's the most danger? what do they fear the most from chuck hagel? >> i don't think they fear anything. you get a chance to poke your finger in the eye and you take that if you're a southerner. that's what they do for a living? >> jason, they do that? >> they're bitter and petty. but this is not new for the republican party. the senate judiciary committee has blocked every one that barack obama has brought forward. the republicans continue to be a party of no. this say waste of time. we need a secretary of defense when we got sequester coming up. >> and marietta is going to beat hyrum. >> man.
10:32 am
maria, you would think that democrats would have finessed this better and tried to avoid this from. happening because it's kind of embarrassing, isn't it? >> well, look, i actually think it's more embarrassing for the republican party. this is just about the two ps, carolyn. i'm not talking about the conditions on the cruise ship. this is, it's personal and it's political. it's personal, frankly, john mccain was very clear about this on another network yesterday, carol. he and many other republicans have not gotten over the fact that when hagel was in the senate he was absolutely against the rough war, never mind the americans ended up against the iraq war as well. this is something that he's never been forgiven for. and secondly, it's political, because back to what jason said, and i completely agree. this is a republican party who is hell-bent on not ever willingly giving president obama what he wants. >> right. exactly. >> and there's a big danger here
10:33 am
because the american people were very clear during the election that they want the two parties to work together. and the republicans have only obstructed and said what they're against. they still have not told us what they are for. >> right. >> el, l.z., you mentioned earlier that john mccain spoke in glowing terms of chuck hagel just a few years ago. and he already knew about that iraq war thing? >> right, he was before hagel before against him. he pulled a john kerry on us. this is what america has said, it's political and petty. while it's true he wasn't officially nominated or presented until january 6th or 7th, th fact his name has been floated out there since november. it's not as if the republicans didn't tell us ahead of time they that were going to do this. they told us before the official process began. >> let me remind everybody about john bolton.
10:34 am
the democrats -- they blocked him forever to be the ambassador to the u.n. solely because they didn't like this personality. and ultimately, george w. bush needs to use his resources to put him there. >> wait a minute, there were reports that john bolton had sexually harassed people working under him. this is a bit deeper. >> there were reports -- let me just tell you something, if having reports were a disqualification for public service -- >> well, it's a legitimate -- it's an absolutely legitimate concern for the senate to ask about. this is nothing but petty politics. >> the statements are iraq and israel, those are not necessary? >> well, those are questions that have asked and answered. issues here, what else do republicans want other than to poke barack obama in the eye. >> rich, wait a second -- >> stop with the projectile sweat. in 12 or 13 days he'll be the
10:35 am
defense secretary. >> exactly. i was just going to ask you about that. it's likely he'll be confirmed anyway despite the lull in the action, so to speak. but the pentagon has to deal with congress, with republican lawmakers and won't this affect their relationship? >> of course not. this is always transaction. as it happens for the last 70 or 100 years. whatever of the things, hagel was a senator, he understands how the place works how he's got three people that can help him because the president doesn't like dealing with the senate very much. who can blame him now he's got joe biden, john kerry and chuck hagel all skilled with dealing with the senate and that will be helpful for him moving through. >> you know, carol, this is one of the reasons why it's so problematic for republicans. and rich is right that there have been some holds and some there be something like this in the past. but we're in a very different
10:36 am
place right now. and the reasons that they are stating as to why they are against chuck hagel do not pass muster. >> right. >> the american people are sick of petty politics in washington. this is a president, he has said he's willing to meet the republicans halfway. we have yet to see the halfway that they're willing to meet this president. >> okay. >> if i could just add this -- >> sure. >> -- if i could add one bit of caveat here, if we fast-forward in three years, everyone's projecting that hillary clinton's going to run and be the democratic nominee. the more that they're able to drum up this kind of mess and have this kind of archived if you will, the more they'll have artillery to be able to combat her when they do have to face her in the general election. i don't think this is all checkers. i believe there's chess involved as well. >> interesting. we want to hear what our facebook friends feel.
10:37 am
why the historic filibustering from chuck hagel. this is from jody, hagel is just the flat out wrong person for secretary of defense. that said, they may have been okay for another staff position. there's more to benghazi than said publicly. from vicky, republicans will go against anything that president obama wants or does. it's shameful and continues to ruin their reputation if they even have one left. keep the conversation going or tweet me 80 carolcnn. who's winning the war over gun control? [ anouncer ] ihop's new griddle melts... made fresh and hot! hand crafted just for you. it's like a sexy sandwich. [ anouncer ] compare new griddle melts yourself. just $4.99. it's an epic breakfast sandwich. all right that's a fifth-floor probleok.. not in my house! ha ha ha! ha ha ha!
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"talk back" question, who is winning the war over gun control? president obama is all touchy feeling emotion when it comes to guns surrounding himself with gun violence at the state of union. many can choking up as the
10:41 am
president pleaded -- >> deserves a vote in ytucson ad blacksburg and countless other communities ripped over by gun violence. they deserve a simple vote. >> it cannot get more raw than that. at the same time, for the national rifle association, the nra, it's all about fear. >> we're the millions and millions of americans who take responsibility for our own safety. and protection. of our children. as a god-given right. and for our second amendment freedom, mr. president, we will stand and fight throughout this country as americans for our freedom. we promise you that. >> it's almost as if you don't own a gun, you'll die. you can't trust anybody, that is, except your gun. in the political game, it's
10:42 am
sorrow versus fear. so the question, who's winning the war over gun control? lz? >> president obama, right now. but i think the more that you have the emotional speeches and victims and survivors on camera without any action, the less power influence you'll have in the american people start to tune him out. i think there's a very finite window that this administration begins to act. the longer it takes, the less influence he's going to have. >> maria, i spoke with a community leader out of chicago today because the president's going to go there. he's there right now. he's going to talk about gun laws. this community leader said, you know, it's great to talk about murder victims and the families who are left behind. but we need concrete ideas. we need the president to come up with something for legislators to consider. and he's not doing that. >> oh, i would disagree, carol.
10:43 am
the president has been very clear on what we can do legislatively to try to prevent, even at least one gun murder in the future. and here's where i think that the president is winning the p.r. battle. because he has put out sensible solutions versus wayne lapierre and the nra and wayne lapierre rants that he put out in the "daily caller" yesterday, again focused on the fear that you just talked about, carol. talking about hispanic gangs going crazy. talking about those people in brooklyn after sandy. i mean, it was just a very racist rant that does not do any good for their position. and the reality of it is, carol, the positions -- the proposals that the president has put out are very sensible. there's a quinnipiac poll that came out yesterday that essentially said that 56% of americans, a majority, not a huge majority, but a majority, support bans on assault weapons
10:44 am
on and on the high-capacity magazine clips. 92%, carol, support the universal background checks. >> but there's no chance of -- this community leader also says, you can talk about banning assault weapons all you want. but you have to get to the root of the problem. and the problem she says, isn't so much about guns, it's about the gun culture. and the culture of violence. >> i agree. >> especially on the main streets of chicago. go ahead. >> and the president absolutely should be addressing that as well. there's no question about that. >> here's the thing, barack obama already won the p.r. battle because the nra ever horrible representation of gun owners in america. most gun owners in america are responsible, reasonable people. the nra is running around saying let's arm people because slavery would never have happened. barack obama is not going to win the legislative battle and that's the real concern that people have. none of his proposals are going to pass congress. very few of them if they pass congress will be implemented in
10:45 am
any functional way at the state level. that's the battle. the p.r. battle was won the minute children were getting killed. >> i will say the nra's idea to arm security guards in schools has caught on in some school districts across the country. >> let me take a wild flyer here, suggest of the five of us i'm the only one that owns a gun and is a member of the nra, let me just posit that as -- >> i'm a gun owner but not a member of the nra. >> i'll send you the form. >> that's quite all right. >> i don't think there's anything wrong with going to -- for a local district, if they so choose, to use retired local cops who have known these kids. knew their parents, maybe, and ask themful they would like to have a part-time job during the day. and the schools i suspect a lot of communities would find that comforting because they know
10:46 am
who's supposed to be in there, who's not. going back to the ohio days, marietta ohio, i guarantee the cops know all the kids. >> on a scale of one to ten, ten being the best shot, so to speak, how likely is it that some kind of bill is introduced in our legislature, in the bodies of congress, by the end of the year. rich? >> if it's such a good idea, harry reid is bring up a bill anytime he wants. two out of ten. >> jason? >> getting passed, four out of ten. >> maria? >> i'm going to say seven out ten. universal background checks. let's start with that. >> lz? >> i'm going seven out of ten as well. i agree i believe there's
10:47 am
sensible things that are proven to be bipartisan that we can go through without saying get your guns out. >> our facebook friends. clets check. who's winning the war on guns? for matthew, gun makers and campaign fund-raisers and especially the lawyers. from justin, the left is understanding misunderstanding how pro-gun and rational the u.s. is. from david, the criminals. the law abiding americans argue who is right. keep the conversation going or tweet me @carolcnn. "talk back" question for you, are there any hero athletes left? mine was earned in djibouti, africa, 2004.
10:48 am
the battle of bataan, 1942. [ all ] fort benning, georgia, in 1999. [ male announcer ] usaa auto insurance is often handed down from generation to generation because it offers a superior level of protection and because usaa's commitment to serve the military, veterans, and their families is without equal. begin your legacy. get an auto-insurance quote. usaa. we know what it means to serve.
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10:50 am
"talk back" question for you, are there any hero athletes left? oscar pistorius, once a hero, a double amputee who ran into olympic history. >> you know, international sports has a responsibility that comes with that. having told that, remembering there are kids these days that look up to you is definitely something that you need to keep in the back of your mind. >> now, mr. role model is accused of murder. pistorius breaking down in court. accused of shooting his girlfriend four times reportedly through a bathroom door. we don't know what happened, although his agent denies the murder charge. still, there are hints pistorius
10:51 am
may not be the man we thought he was. police say there were allegations of a domestic nature at his name before this incidents. sadly, the story is latest fallen hero. it's frankly, exhausting. los angeles, tiger, a-rod. brought down from everything to cheating in sports to cheating on their wives. maybe charles barkley was on to something. >> i am not a role model. i'm not paid to be a role model. >> like it or not, sir charles, we look up to people like you. maybe it's time to look elsewhere. "talk back" question, are there any athlete here's left? rich? >> yeah, maria and i live here in washington. we have six professional sports teams. the only reason i know this i'm on the nationals press list. they send me all their stuff. and these men and women go to schools. they go to bethesda to visit with wounded warriors.
10:52 am
they do good stuff all time but it doesn't get on the news. nobody makes the news for stopping at all the stop signs on the way to work. yes, these people make a ton of money and work very hard for the community to come out and see them play. >> yeah, but always in the back of your mind lurks suspicion that these people might not be -- come on, jason. you get when i'm going with this? >> the only hero athletes are the ones successful on the field. i still root for lebron and the miami heat. you look this sunday, michael jordan's 50th birthday. michael jordan is one of the greatest basketball player. one of the athletes in american history. he was terrible to his roommates. probably unfaithful to his wife from what she said, but it's what they do on the field not off the field. >> i think that word is misplacmisplac misplac misplaced. why is someone a hero, lz, because they're good at making baskets? >> they're good at the game.
10:53 am
i think we create this myth up to be more noble than they may actually be. i'll tell you, it's a long time since an athlete's personal life disappointed me. when i read that story about bladerunner that one hit me. definitely for me, my bias. he was a double amputee. i wanted him to be more noble because we were behind him because he was a double amputee and he did this great thing. if he been fully an athlete, i mate not have been that surprised. but that added to it made this story more shocking. i'm trying to remember a time which we had heroes. you know, ty cobb was considered a racist back then. babe ruth was a philander as well. >> how about roberto clemente? >> maria, you got a point. >> look, it all depends, you
10:54 am
said this, carol, what we mean by hero. and the fact that we tend to really overuse that term. and frankly apply it to people that don't deserve it. yes, these people are who are incredibly successful in their field. of sport. and that's fine. and if you want to call them a hero in that sport, that's fine. but i think it takes much more to be a hero. and to rich's point i do think there are hero athletes. roberto clemente is an example. steve nash opened a cardiac clinic in paraguay for little kids. you have others doing things in their home countries that people don't focus on. m manny pacquiao, for example, how much has he done for his home country. i think it is the fact that we put this hero title on people who don't deserve it. but i'll give you the other side of that, lance armstrong, carol, how many cancer survivors are there that do think that lance armstrong is a hero for all of
10:55 am
the money that he raised and all the focus on cancer research? again, it's upon us. >> he is a hero -- >> what? >> i would argue that lance still is a hero. >> and manny pacquiao wasn't a hero either. >> you democrats are cynical. you need to back down a little. >> rich, you live in washington. rg3. he's a fabulous athlete. he seems to be a fabulous human being. i'm just waiting for something to drop. i don't want him to mess up because i admire him so much. >> pat tillman who turned down a multimillion-dollar contract to fight for us. >> here's a hero. rich? >> if you look hard enough, you'll find something. perception say religious concept. not a political or sports concept. >> and they're human.
10:56 am
>> right. arthur ashe, muhammad ali. there are sports stars who are political ambassadors. it's not heroeheroes. what are we looking at? a hero who does their job well, doesn't get in a tremendous amount of trouble and gives me entertainment on friday and saturday night. >> that's a hero? we've got to wrap this up. lz granderson. maria cardona. rich galen. thank you. are there any hero athletes left -- this from cal. we should not put anyone on a pedestal as a hero until they do something heroic. does it save a life or improve the quality of life. this from michael. peyton manning, not only a great athlete but an excellent role model. contributed a lot to
10:57 am
indianapolis, including a fine children's hospital. richard, be your own hero. role model and one to set and achieve standards. keep it coming at or tweet me. fortunately we've got ink. it gives us 5x the rewards on our internet, phone charges and cable, plus at office supply stores. rewards we put right back into our business. this is the only thing we've ever wanted to do and ink helps us do it. make your mark with ink from chase. [ barking ] ♪ come on, boy! [ barks ] here we go. ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪
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